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number of different factors can lead to low testosterone levels. In some cases, aging is the culprit. In other cases, diet is to blame. 

Regardless of the culprit, there are things that can be done to combat plummeting testosterone. Consuming testosterone-boosting foods is, in particular, a useful strategy. 

Looking for foods that raise testosterone? Then read on. We’re going to discuss 10 of the best. 

10 Foods That Raise Testosterone

There are plenty of foods that boost testosterone, some of which are the centerpieces of meals, and some of which make great sides. Here are 10 of the best testosterone boosting foods to add to your diet.

1. Eggs 

Do you like to start your days off with a heaping plate of scrambled eggs? If so, you’re already doing a lot to increase the testosterone levels in your body. If not, you would be wise to start doing so. 

Eggs (the yolks in particular) are some of the best natural testosterone boosters available. Why do they boost testosterone? Because they’re filled with a bevy of testosterone-creating substances, including Vitamin D, calcium, and aspartic acid. 

However, this doesn’t mean that you should eat as many eggs as possible. Eggs are known to raise cholesterol, and so should be consumed in moderation. 

2. Tuna

All fish have testosterone boosting capabilities. However, the one type of fish which reigns over them all in this department is tuna. For this reason, you should try to find as many ways to work it into your meals as possible. 

Tuna is particularly high in Vitamin D, a vitamin which has shown itself to improve testosterone levels. By consuming just a single serving of tuna, you will be meeting your full Vitamin D needs for the day. In turn, you will be doing a great deal to promote testosterone development. 

3. Shellfish 

Fish aren’t the only types of seafood which can increase your testosterone levels. Shellfish are capable of doing so as well. So, the next time you want to eat a gourmet meal of lobster or crab, you shouldn’t hesitate. 

Where does the testosterone boosting power of shellfish come from? Its zinc content.

The human body requires zinc. When human beings are deficient in it, their testosterone levels tend to go down. Conversely, when they eat a surplus of it, their testosterone levels tend to go up. 

4. Fortified Breakfast Cereal 

Another breakfast food which can help increase testosterone in the body is fortified cereal. Fortified cereals contain a bevy of beneficial vitamins, nutrients, and acids, including but not limited to iron, calcium, and folic acid. 

Note, however, that if you’re looking for a fortified cereal for testosterone boosting purposes, you should look for one which contains Vitamin D. Some cereals which are particularly high in Vitamin D include Cheerios, Kellogg’s All-Bran, and Malt-O-Meal Corn Flakes. 

5. Beans 

Looking for a good side dish with testosterone-increasing benefits? If so, beans are just what you’re looking for. Kidney beans, white beans, black beans, and baked beans are all high in Vitamin D and zinc, making them great options for the sake of testosterone production. 

Note, however, that you shouldn’t eat beans in excess. Not only can they cause gassiness and flatulence in the short-term, but cardiovascular issues in the long-run as well. 

6. Beef 

One of the best foods for testosterone production is beef. Beef liver, chuck roast, and ground beef are particularly high in Vitamin D and zinc. By consuming a single serving of one of these meat cuts, you will be working wonders for your testosterone levels. 

Again, however, it’s important to note that excessive consumption of such meats can cause health problems. Not only can they increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, but of certain forms of cancer as well. 

7. Almonds 

Looking for a small snack that can help increase your testosterone? If so, you might consider eating almonds. These nuts contain a variety of testosterone-creating nutrients, including magnesium, Vitamin E, potassium, and calcium. 

Each of these nutrients has been linked to testosterone creation in some form another. For instance, while potassium deficiency has been linked to plummeting testosterone levels in men, adequate Vitamin E consumption has been linked to increased production of luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone, a hormone which, in turn, aids in the production of testosterone. 

8. Spinach 

Perhaps you’re looking for a vegetable that can help boost testosterone? If so, you should consider upping your spinach intake.

Spinach contains a natural steroid called phytoecdysteroid. When consumed at high levels, this steroid boosts testosterone, increases strength, and assists in muscle growth. 

Where spinach will have its most noticeable effect is in your libido. Not only does it help to combat erectile dysfunction but to stoke sexual desire as well. 

9. Vitamin D-Fortified Milk 

We’ve provided you with quite a few testosterone-boosting foods. But what about testosterone-boosting drinks? Well, one of the best drinks for testosterone production is Vitamin D-Fortified milk. 

Specifically manufactured to optimize Vitamin D consistency, this type of milk is hugely beneficial for bone health, skin health, and, as was noted above, hormonal health. Start drinking a cup with every meal to reap the ultimate benefits. 

10. Bananas 

We’ve made it to the end of the list. By now, you’re probably wondering: are there any fruits which are capable of boosting testosterone? The answer is yes, and the fruit in question is bananas! 

Bananas contain a chemical enzyme known as bromelain. When consumed on a regular basis, this enzyme plays a big part in testosterone production. For best results, you should aim to consume at least one banana a day. 

Reap the Benefits of Our Many Testosterone Tips 

The truth is many foods raise testosterone levels. The ones reviewed above are only a small sample of what you have available to you. Nonetheless, by consuming them regularly, you stand a good chance at increasing your testosterone. 

Are you looking to reap the benefits of more testosterone tips? If so, you’re in the right place. Our website is filled with testosterone tips, covering everything from men’s testosterone to women’s testosterone to testosterone development and more. 

Browse our selection of testosterone boosting articles now! 

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