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The Man Diet Possibly the Best Diet for Men

Are you a male who’s tried just about every diet on the market already with zero to middling results? Or maybe you’re someone who’s gotten so frustrated that you’ve already taken to blaming your genetics and throwing in the towel on body transformation?

Either way, diet creator Chad Howse claims to have the answer. According to Howse, the big problem most dieting men face is that majority of the diets available were made for women. They don’t always come right out and say that, according to Howse, but it’s the truth.

Howse adds that at the core of the problem is also dropping testosterone levels across men of various ages. He cites studies indicating that for the past 20 years, average T-levels have plummeted by as much as 25%. Men even younger than 25 see this happening already, and although T-levels should normally start tapering off around 25, it shouldn’t be happening earlier.

Testosterone is linked to a man’s overall physical fitness, says Howse. It’s not just about “masculinity” but health. In his “The Man Diet”, he goes on to blame severely-diminished testosterone levels for a lot of the weight issues males of today are experiencing — and provides solutions for that.

The Low-T, Low-Health Connection and the Man Diet

According to Howse, having low testosterone can cause the following problems: feminine fat (often shown in “man boobs”), an inability to build lean muscle, impotence, a low sex drive, depression, disease, and cancer. He cites several studies to provide proof of this.

It should be stated, though, that most of those studies only demonstrated correlations between low testosterone levels and the aforementioned issues (e.g. low T-levels are often found with X disease) — there certainly isn’t enough evidence yet to make causative claims (e.g. low T-levels cause X disease), despite Howse’s assertions.

That having been said, there’s some reason behind his claims: if low T-levels are often associated with certain issues like cancer, then bringing up those T-levels might help lower the risk of said issues.

More importantly for our purposes, though, there is a good body of evidence indicating that more testosterone means more efficient fat burning and weight loss. In fact, a good number of obese people are noted to have low testosterone. This is where Howse’s “Man Diet” comes in. Unlike most other diets, it’s not so much about restricting calories to lose weight. Rather, it’s more about focusing on foods that help you get testosterone levels up so that your body’s metabolism and overall condition can improve.

What’s in the Package?

Howse’s “The Man Diet” is billed as a step by step guide with day and night routines for men to reach optimal testosterone levels. It tells you what to eat, although it lets you tailor their eating to fit your timetable, and also tells you want to avoid. The latter are usually foods that inhibit fat-burning performance and ones that lead to spikes in either insulin or estrogen production.

The main manual is bundled with a number of bonuses at the moment. The first bonus is The Man Diet Supplement Guide, which is a straightforward guide to all of the vitamins and supplements that you can use to get more out of your dieting.

The second bonus is The Man Diet Meal Log, which lets you structure your diet around your schedule more efficiently.

Third is The Man Diet Cheater’s Guide. It tells you how to eat delicious treats and favorite snacks without them having a negative impact on your testosterone levels.

Fourth is The Man Diet Food Choices book, which guides you into eating what you should and what you should not for the purposes of building up testosterone.

Finally, The Man Diet Cookbook is bundled into the deal too. Inside it you can find 50 recipes for dishes that naturally boost testosterone for males.

All of these are delivered electronically via download upon purchase. Convenient, as that means you will no longer have to pay or wait for shipping.

Does It Work and Is It Right for You?

First things first: I’m sure some of you have already thought of this objection by now, so let’s come right out and say it. If low testosterone could be the culprit for your weight loss problems (or should we say weight gain problems?), then why not do the quickest solution by taking TRT?

TRT is testosterone replacement therapy, which refers to hormonal injections often prescribed by doctors suspecting testosterone deficiencies in individuals. TRT has come under fire in recent times for indiscriminate use, though, as pharmaceutical companies manufacturing the injections have been pushing the merits of the therapy perhaps a little too hard. Certain health issues are also now being associated with it, along with a form of dependence that means many men being injected become less and less efficient at manufacturing their own testosterone over time.

Obviously, it would be better to have your body up to optimal T-production instead of rendering it dependent on another medication that costs a lot. Howse’s diet promises to do that by focusing on foods and supplements known to boost T-production.

An example is zinc. Zinc blocks aromatase, and this results in estrogen levels staying low and testosterone staying dominant. Howse’s diet includes a lot of zinc-rich foods. He also gives advice on further supplements like Vitamin D, the avoidance of chemical-estrogen-rich plastics for food storage, cold showering to induce the body to produce more testosterone via environmental stress and so on.


Overall, Howse’s diet is actually an easy one to do. It lets you plan your own meal schedule, there’s no calorie or carb counting, he makes provisions for cheats instantly and allows you to enjoy a lot of the food you eat… unless you’re vegan or vegetarian, that is. For most others, though, this will be a nice diet to try, especially given its low emphasis on exercise (for the busy and lazy). It’s also hugely affordable.

Keep in mind, though, that it does take time to work. As the methods in it are focused on natural T-level boosting, the body will require a few weeks to work through what you feed it and respond. In my case, it took about 2 weeks for me to really pick up on some subtle changes — better mood, heightened energy — but it took longer than that to show me a change in my actual body’s look. If you’re the patient type, this might be a good diet to try because it does give you some nice and very sustainable results.

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