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What Are Good Fat Burning Foods for Men

Did you know that there are actually foods and drinks that help you burn fat? They do this through a variety of mechanisms. Some do it by giving your metabolism a short but intense boost. Others do it by maintaining blood sugar levels (this stops the insulin response from kicking in and building up more fat in your body).

Consuming these sorts of foods can help you lose the unhealthy weight without having to starve yourself in the process. Keep in mind, however, that most of the foods in this list are still ones with calories. Even if they are healthy and capable of helping you get rid of that extra chub around your waist, they can still potentially add more to it if you don’t watch how much of them you consume.

These foods can do wonders when consumed in moderation and paired with a healthier lifestyle, though. So without further ado, here are some fantastic fat burning foods for men:


Blueberries are among the best fruit to add to any diet. This is because they promote fatty weight loss. There are compounds within these little berries that aid the body in metabolizing stored fat, which means you can trim away that flab more easily. Added to this, blueberries also have a lot of antioxidants that can only do your body even more good. And have we mentioned that they’re delicious? Just remember: you don’t need to have them in a decadent cheesecake just to enjoy them. Blueberries are actually good enough to eat on their own.

Foods rich in vitamin D

This is actually one that helps men even more than women when it comes to fat-burning. This is because vitamin D, in addition to its other benefits, helps men keep their testosterone levels up and at the right levels. Healthy testosterone levels means vastly improved fat-burning performance. Just ask the creator of the aptly-named Man Diet, Chad Howse: he mentions vitamin D as one of the key vitamins for followers of his testosterone-optimizing regime.


This is a surprisingly delicious sugar substitute that can help you control that rowdy insulin response, too, meaning less fat gets stored on your frame. Most studies indicate that cinnamon’s effects are most noticeable when the cinnamon being used is fresh, so try to get some nice, fresh cinnamon for your breakfasts. You can use it to sweeten and also spice up both your coffee and oats in the mornings.


Did we just mention oats? Well, they’re actually part of the list! It may seem odd to add a carbohydrate here, but the fact is, oats are complex carbs as well as high-fiber and low-calorie grains. Complex carbs regulate the insulin response and high-fiber foods keep you satiated for much longer. This can stop you from snacking too much during the day.

Incidentally, oats aren’t just good for people trying to lose the body fat. They’re also good for those trying to keep their skin and hearts young as they’re rich in antioxidants as well as compounds that help the body keep cholesterol down.

If you’re not a fan of oats but still need something “carb-y” in the daytime, try the other complex carbs like brown rice — the “white carbs” are usually the ones you want to avoid to keep yourself from putting on fat.


In moderation, of course! This daily staple packs a good fat-burning punch, as it has the capacity to boost the metabolism temporarily as well as the actual fat-burning process. Try not to drink more than 2 cups of it per day, though, and definitely avoid the sugar-and-cream-laden concoctions you can get at the local Starbucks. Also, try drinking your cups right before you do your workout: research indicates that the cup of Joe preceding your routine can help your metabolism reach new levels of efficiency during the actual exercise.

Green Tea

Green tea — about 3 or so cups of it a day — has been indicated to help in fat burning, especially because of its catechins. These healthy compounds help your body produce the primary hormone for fat-burning. They also come with a lot of antioxidants!


Don’t have any idea what that means? Well, it’s the hot component of chili peppers! Capsaicin is a great addition to your meals because it boosts the metabolic rate for a limited time after eating. It also raises both the heart rate and the body’s temperature temporarily and this sort of heated environment makes fat burning more efficient. The amazing part is that some studies have found the effect lasting for more than a couple of hours. Some even found it lasting three!

As an aside, capsaicin is also good for dieters in that it tends to make people eat less of something. For some reason, most people eat less food — even food that they like — when capsaicin is involved. Just watch how much you put in your meals: a fair number of pepper varieties are literally chemical weapons and can burn the skin right off your lips if you’re not careful.

Lean meat

This is a great food for fat burning. Most people eating more lean meat eat less than those who eat more carbs. The proteins in meats are also hard to break down and this makes your body work harder when you try to absorb nutrients from them. Isn’t it nice to know you’re burning calories just trying to digest your food? Furthermore, research indicates that people who consume more lean meat on a diet are likelier to lose weight — especially fat weight.

Omega-3 fatty acids

What makes these so effective for fighting off fat? It’s the way they affect leptin levels. Leptin is a hormone that scientists postulate to be related to metabolic performance: the less leptin you have, the better your metabolism. Omega-3 fatty acids keep leptin down. You can get these fatty acids from a wide range of fish, but the ones most often mentioned are sardines, salmon and tuna.

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