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Are your bone and muscle masses decreasing? Are you experiencing hair loss or issues with your erectile functions? Reduced levels of testosterone in men could be the causes of these issues.

Did you know that testosterone concentration decreases by 1.6 % yearly for males 40 years and older? It seems that the decreasing of your testosterone levels is inevitable. Yet, there are things you can do to keep them up.

Below are some ways on how to increase testosterone levels in men. Read on for some of the cheapest things you can do other than take testosterone boosters. We also included

1. How to Increase Testosterone Levels in Men: Sleep Right

Having the right amount of sleep is great. It feels good and it does wonderful things to your body, like boost testosterone. Also, it helps you stay alert as you make your way through the day.

There is an old myth about sleep. This is the one that says everybody needs eight hours of sleep per night. The truth is, the number of sleeping hours we all need is relative.

The key to finding out what best works for you is to experiment. If you feel sluggish with a 6-hour rest, add 30 minutes on the next night. You can also take a power nap or two throughout the day.

2. Maintain a Healthy Weight

Does your BMI put you in a category that’s normal for your height and weight? The Centers for Disease Control found that almost 40% of Americans or about 93.3 million adults belong to the “obese” chart.

Being overweight can lead to lower testosterone. This can lead to some weight-related problems like increased body fat. You might also lose bone and muscle mass, which can lead to weaker bones and smaller muscles.

If you want an increased testosterone level, you need to maintain a healthy weight. One of the best ways is to eat a healthy diet. If you can, look into weight loss programs or getting some exercise in.

3. Eat the Right Foods

A healthy diet is a true key to a healthy lifestyle. It’s not only for weight loss or skin care, but it’s also for increased testosterone. Next time you go grocery shopping, start buying foods that increase testosterone levels.

One way to start boosting your T levels is to diminish your sugar intake. Start cutting back on cola, sweet ice-cold drinks, and desserts. Instead, take in high-quality fats, protein, and carbs.

Start taking natural testosterone boosters like macadamias, garlic, and fermented dairy products. Pomegranates, strawberries, and ginger can also up your T levels. You can also try consuming natural teas and juices made from these foods.

4. Recognize and Address Stress

Long-term stress elevates the levels of the hormone cortisol. When you have high levels of cortisol, your testosterone levels go down. These hormones are like a see-saw: one goes up and the other goes down.

With stress and high cortisol, your body could start changing to adapt. You may start sleeping less, eating more, or turn to alcohol or smoking. These aren’t factors of a healthy lifestyle and cause decreased testosterone.

This is why it’s important to reduce repetitive stress. Avoid it if you can and look for ways to release it when you’ve had too much. This will allow you to live a more balanced lifestyle and increase your testosterone levels.

5. Go out and Get Some Vitamin D

Here’s a free and natural way to increase your T levels: bathe in healthy sunlight. You may need more Vitamin D if your T levels are going down. Vitamin D is a natural testosterone booster after all.

Don’t have the time to sit under the sun for a few minutes in the morning? You can also turn to vitamin D supplements. Taking vitamin D3 per day could up your testosterone levels by about 25%.

6. Stay Active and Get More Physical

Doing daily exercises do more than keep your weight at a healthy level. For both men and women, it increases testosterone levels. Sure it’s intimidating but when you make it through, it’s worth your efforts.

Look for a gym that is most convenient for you. Get a membership and start looking for a routine that isn’t too difficult or too easy for you. If you are unsure, consult a fitness instructor since they know about the exercises you need.

Also, going to the gym doesn’t always mean building muscle. If you don’t want to bulk up and stay lean, you can. The key lies in the routine.

There will be times when your mind thinks you can do everything in a routine but your body disagrees. Don’t let this discourage you. It only means you need to make adjustments and then keep going.

7. Check with Your Doctor About Your Medications

Male testosterone is a powerful hormone. A healthy T level is important for general health, body composition, and many other bodily functions. Having too little of this hormone can put you at risk of diseases and other risks.

If your testosterone levels are low and you have little time to use natural means to up it, try medication. Vitamin and mineral supplements have testosterone-boosting elements that will help you. If you want the best testosterone booster, you can always ask your doctor about it.

You could also be taking meds that interfere with testosterone production. Opioid pain killers are an example of this. Review your meds and talk with your doctor about them, what you need, and what you do not.

Bring Your T Levels Up

That’s it for our guide on how to increase testosterone levels in men. Remember, too much of anything is bad for you too. It’s always best to keep your testosterone at normal levels.

Do you want to know how testosterone help and affect women, too? Do you want a more detailed post on natural ways to boost testosterone? If you find this post informative and useful, check out our page for more.

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